How I Usually Write a Book

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Wondering how to write a book? How it happens for me is, subtle messages pop out from nowhere while watching scientific documentaries on YouTube, throwing a tennis ball to my beloved dog Bubba, exercising in my dusty garage, to a fluttering cooing Dove flapping down on my cracked block wall in the backyard (Remember, I told you about the Doves?)

Inspired thoughts drive me to pull my pickup truck over to the side of the road and jot words down on yellow sticky pads. It’s an obsessive compulsive habit that works. Inspiration comes at any time; on the way to the store, playing childish Angry Bird, and mowing the lawn.

There’s a yellow pad of paper on my nightstand. I wake up in the middle of the night to write ideas down

I’ve always been a huge fan of Horror, Fantasy, and Science Fiction movies, especially watching them after midnight because I’m a night owl.

Stories carry you away to a foreign land that’s unfamiliarly familiar. I get flashes of insight out of nowhere.

I want the reader to drift off to a place capturing that mystical essence through words.

How I put it together

I use writer’s software called New Novelist  that helps you keep everything together. You don’t really need this, (you can use Microsoft Word) but it gives advice on how to write each chapter. You can make as many chapters as you want. It will also work for a book of poetry. You just have one chapter each poem. There is no limit. You can also keep notes there on your characters and jot down ideas. It’s a really cool program. I really love it.

new novelist, writer software
New Novelist

You can start each chapter with its name and work on it at your leisure. It’s about the best software program I’ve seen that’s writer friendly. I have paid for and tried a few of them. The only one I really liked was this one.

Others, were too complicated for me with things you make tiny little notes on and have to piece them together. Personally, I didn’t get it. Maybe, I’m a slow learner, I don’t know.  Hey, my mind works the way it works and I have to accommodate it. I need the really simple self explanatory software. So, check this one out, it’s worthwhile, reasonable cost and worth the money. You have to buy it first, but you have about a month to decide if you like it or not. If you do, great, but if you don’t, they refund your money. Can’t beat that! Read Meet Duff.

Protecting your hard work

To conclude, after you are done, you can export your manuscript for submittal, to print or upload it online. Writing books is all trial and error, like anything worthwhile in life, but you can learn at your own pace.

Later on, if you want, you can copyright it at the US Copyright Office, but as soon as you write it or publish it on a website, it’s protected anyway. It’s yours, not anyone else’s to copy or use without your permission. Read all Posts on Writing, Publishing and Copyrighting.

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