Wee Bit of Uncertainty

That wee bit of uncertainty catches ya' off guard, lying in wait within everything you do. this world, how it's made, vivid. become a student through teaching. you don't like what you see because you can't control growing old. take a ride on the three o'clock express; go ahead, make that extra cup of coffee… Continue reading Wee Bit of Uncertainty


The Staff

The staff gives in, but never dreams... no way is no time. stand and stare beside surprises bring no change. experience photo slides.  mold us, evolve, keep still. look back, forget what nots. old shabby way, never been. tricks change. unseen way, we walk. feeling good, feeling bad, remembering, forgetting. lying behind where we'd been.


Rubber Bounty

Feeling the reprehensible terror because it just struck you that you got left behind. It was everyone else who already knew what life meant because they didn't think too hard about it; believing in their common sense instead of what their heads said. Isn't that how it goes when those who surrounded you already knew… Continue reading Rubber Bounty


Another Year’s Passing

Tomorrow will be another year's passing, becoming a day of thoughtful reckoning. a day of toys where boys become men and girls think of boys. you get what you want, you get what you don't. you see your future dimly, it gets clearer as time goes on. you bend with the times. you get lonely… Continue reading Another Year’s Passing

Spiritual and beyond

Blonde on the Pavement

Blonde on the pavement, writhing long and hard. that concrete obstacle coming down each and every plane. everybody knows they'd been taken that her love had been forsaken and that heart was solely broken. those fools who changed your weather you carried on through long years passing learning something you already knew without asking. written down through… Continue reading Blonde on the Pavement

My slant on writing...

Authorial Intentionality

I don't think I told you this. I mean, about my authorial intentionality a couple years back. It was when I was writing my Novel, 'Meet Duff!' I had heard before not to pay attention to the critics. that was some great advice I picked up from some of the greatest authors I look up… Continue reading Authorial Intentionality


Anyone Up for a Re-In?

Some see beauty. Some see ugliness. some see both. But, I see you, don't I? And, you are both of these, as well as I, aren't you? Remember, you told me who I was when you got ugly with me and then I became more beautiful than I was before? When you 'Re-In' you came… Continue reading Anyone Up for a Re-In?


The Present Delay

I have no way of knowing you sought to evolve through your present delay. It is that you might want to advance your being beyond what you are. That you get to know you better when you become a more genuine authentic you. then, the foundation's set... In other words, when we accept ourselves and our lot in life,… Continue reading The Present Delay


Digitally Wandering

digital fingers sharpening claws wander through dusting scratched endprints to their own  lighted cringed image. this informative binge of mine falls away as you retrieve your Benedicite with such outstretched shouts of clothed grandeur clawing on old bricked house walls. folded intertwining hands so nil as drowsiness falls upon its own haughtiness no matter how dross an ounce of… Continue reading Digitally Wandering


Strange Hobby

Lament not you are a changed man, not amongst the ranks of the rich and famous (did you really want to stand in the limelight bathing with those in your own dirty bath water of self worship splashing around with those who want to be like you?) would you want that for them, to scrub your back… Continue reading Strange Hobby