Paying Homage to the Losers

We love who we do

as so many of us do;


paying homage to the losers.

Fading away into the Netherlands

we will do.

we remember not, because we must have

done so time and time again.

Upwards and outwards

feelings dissipate

far away


someday, sucked into consciousness from whence we came

unveiling itself

again, like it did before

welling not from out of our memory

times before

like it has never been

gone through

over and over

soon once more.

For, it is we

yes, we alone

who did all this.

It’s that way

and its high time we see it

there in front of us

the way it actually is.

But, we won’t.

We will simply wait.

And, wait, it will be.

Then, it will come

like the sun in a new day

after a long night

of slumber

to the sweetness

of freedom

and flight

into what we’ve always known

on another level

withheld by other hands

from our awareness.

You know you will have to come back again

to do it right the next time.

you also know you’ve been here before

by the little familiarity hints here and there

left for you like so many trailed bread crumbs

you tried to follow to their source.

but, they don’t let you remember all you’ve been through

except by subtle hints of Deja vu.

It is for us to deal with

for so many lives lived

ever so humanly

once more


after, yet into another.


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