Slacking Backwards

Cold hearted life…

It doesn’t care whether you’re happy or sad.

Who is it I have to please, to be happy?

I hadn’t done a very good job of that.

What’s left to do with my life?

Plenty lot unfinished business left to handle, if you were to ask me.

Not enough time left to travel the world like a gypsy and try to be an old rock star.

I’d look pretty stupid standing on stage at 65 asking everyone in the audience to sing me

happy birthday as I sing a song I wrote fifty years ago about young love!

I wonder how the Rolling Stones feel being up there on stage with all those young girls looking at them?

There’s a lot of oldies looking at them, too, I suppose…

What if I held the secret to fame and fortune?

Should I tell you?

Or, should I just keep it to myself and die with it?

Would you believe me, if I told you what that secret was and what you’d have to do to become rich and famous?

You might want to ask the ‘Donald,’ instead of ole’ me.

Do we want to be rich and famous?

I think there could be a steep price for that.

You’d spend it on an expensive Hollywood Therapist.

All those Paparazzi looking in your windows and following you around everywhere you go…

No privacy.

The price of fame and fortune.

The media could help you if you are politically correct or ruin you if you say one wrong word.

They push everything in everyone’s faces.

Just look at the ‘Donald.’

Man, can the media smear.

Talk about media liberal bias!

Look at her…

‘Hillary’ got the get out of jail free token.

It’s goanna be interesting what develops before the election

and after…

There might be a few surprises coming.

we’ll keep a close eye on things, won’t we?

Bad news sells…

Look out, if you piss them off!

(I mean, the media)

If you are like me, you like sitting here writing and reading Poetry and being an armchair Philosopher.

We thought we were supposed to be happier.

We thought all would be different.

But, it didn’t happen that way.

We simply stayed the way we are through the ups and downs.

Who said we were supposed to be happy?

The media did.


For example, all those happily ever after movies we watched.

There were those unhappily after movies I hated.

Well, I hated the endings.

For example, Donnie Darko’s ending sucked with the big airplane crashing through his bedroom ceiling…

That movie produced by Clint about that boxer girl he pulled the plug on in the hospital sucked…

Let me see, what others?

You get the idea.

I loved the above movies, but hated the bad endings.

We don’t like bad endings.

You know, many like the Blues

I mean, the blues music.

I understand it more now.

don’t get me wrong, but I feel more black than I used to.

if you believe in reincarnation as I do, you would probably agree

that somewhere along the line

you had been black.

I think I was.

Don’t laugh.

That must be the reason why I feel like I am a part of them.

I have a certain empathy.

No, not feel sorry for them.

I feel I am one of them, even though I obviously don’t look

or talk like one of them.

I ‘was’ one of them.

Can’t prove it.

You’ll just have to take my word for it.

Anyway, the blues…

That’s not happy camper music.

It’s truthful music.

But, who wants to hear the truth, especially if it makes us depressed?

I wonder if the Beatles were all alive and together still playing on stage, how they would feel?

Drugs, Sex and Rock n’ Roll…


(The older you get, the more irrelevant all that stuff becomes, even though I’m not quite seventy, but feel I might as well be, sometimes)

I mean, what would one do with all those younger women at seventy years old?

(Buy them all flowers and boxes of chocolate candy with a greeting card attached which says, ‘Love Paul McCartney, Love Mick Jagger or Love, Bob Dylan?)

(I think, that when you are seventy almost all women are younger.)

I don’t know how this fits in, but I sure thought it was funny in that movie, ‘Back to the Future’ when it was said…

You remind me of your father when he went here; he was a slacker too.“—Mr. Strickland to Marty McFly

I think it a much better idea to laugh a little more.

At least they can’t tax you on it.

It costs nothing.

And, it makes you feel better.

I think I’ll watch ‘Back to the Future’ again.

It’s on Netflix.

I really like that movie.

I think I will watch it tonight.

If I only remember.

I will stick a sticky-note on my big screen right now.


I just did it.

I want to do some laughing, tonight.

again, that is, if I remember to…

Of course, I have already seen all three ‘back to the future’ movies

sixty-seven thousand times.

of course, that was in the eighties and nineties.

I think…

Urgent Putzer Update:

The movies were only on Netflix for a month or so.

By the time I quit putzing around, and was ready to take action to watch the movies,

guess what?

Yes, they pulled them.

(Hey, who knew? I thought they’d be there always with all the crumbier movies! Sometimes, I wonder if Netflix is worth the $7.99 per mo. Yes, I know it’s more now. I’m an old loyal customer.)

I only have the memory of the movies.

Maybe, I will buy one on eBay for a couple of $$.

I’m always looking for a bargain

(not really, I’m just saying that)

Or, am I just a cheap-skate?

It’s both.

And, no, I don’t have a life.

I’m boring.

I’m shallow.

(Putzer? We’ve already discussed that and drew a conclusion)

But, at least I’m only a creepy clown

in my own closet.

Did you ever see ‘killer clowns from outer space?’

recommended extreme creepy clown ‘B’ movie.

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