Where is the Brandy Bunch House?

feline prowess, poetry, steven humphreys

I don’t know about you, but I have often wondered…

Where the heck is the Brady Bunch House?

(I used the word ‘heck’ out of respect for all the wholesomeness they bring into my life on Sundays…)

I thought it was in Eagle Rock.

I found out it is in Studio City.

(You know, I watch the Brady bunch on TV every Sunday on Me TV

with my wife. Hey, its tradition. It’s something we do together. A man’s gotta please his woman as best he can if he wants to keep her happy…)

Yesterday, after fifty years, I got very curious about the thing

and decided to finally get off my ass and then sit back down again on my ass in front of my pc and take some serious action about it because it’s been in the back of my mind bugging me for fifty years. maybe, more…

So, where is the brady bunch house?


11222 Dilling Street, in Studio City, Ca.

(believe it or not, it’s just around the corner from where I live. Well, not exactly. Plus or minus

about fifty miles. 47.4 miles to be exact. 56 minutes drive. Thanks, Microsoft Maps!)

(that’s where it is, unless they are lying. you know how often salesmen like to trick you into buying something inferior or much more expensive. If I remember it right, they call it bait and switch! I learned that in my Salesmanship class in College I told you about earlier…)

I saw it was for sale on Zillow for about one and three-quarter million.

I am sure it’s on Trulia, too.

(if I had the money, I’d buy it. I’d love to live there. It’s worth every penny of that. I know you believe I would. Unfortunately, I think it was remodeled inside and out. I miss that orange Formica counter top in the kitchen and Avocado colored Refer. Man, I love the sixties! Now, I know why old people reminisce about the past and why they always think it was better, ‘back then, in the days.’
And, they listen to music they listened to in their teens. Was it really ‘better’ back then? Or, did we just forget how bad it sucked, compared to now? I don’t know, you tell me…)


(Both (Trulia and Zillow) are my favorites when I am looking for a Brady bunch house to buy)

Alert! My apologies, the photo of the Brady bunch house is copyrighted like (a no good bastard) nothing else I’ve ever seen,

and I sure don’t want to be sued or have to pay for a photo that should surely be in the public domain but isn’t because of all those greedy sue happy a______s that are trying to make money off someone else’s make-believe home in the distant past, so the best I could do was to put a cowboy hat on my cat named ‘little boy.’

Ain’t that cute!

How can you not love it?

How we humiliate our poor animals for our own selfish satisfaction.

He doesn’t look too happy about it, does he?

(my ‘little boy’ did not endorse this poem nor photo. I am glad he doesn’t know how to sue me.)

He really fought me putting it on his little cute head.

In this day and age, he has ‘just cause’ to sue the livin’ hell out a me

for having to man handle him in that fashion. I had to corner him in the closet…

(take a look at him again. He sure looks pissed! But, as cats and dogs so often do, unlike most people;

Thank God, They forgive)

and, then they forget…

but, he’ll probably run when he sees me walking towards him with another little hat in my hands.




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