A much Pleasant Store

Did you ever have your favorite store

and there was this friendly face

that made it a much pleasant store

to go to


you always said ‘Hello’ to

that person

and, they always acknowledged you.

It seemed they were happy to see you

and that they remembered you

even though they didn’t know you

and probably never would.

but, the next time you came there

you didn’t see them and

you looked around the store

as you shopped and walked

and they were gone.

you hoped they were on vacation and would come back, soon.

and, then you came back another time

a week, a month later

and they were still gone

and you knew they had to be gone

for good

and you never knew their name

and they never knew yours

and you wondered where they went

and they didn’t come back

and you never saw them again.

The next time you came there,

there was someone who replaced them

who wasn’t nice.

They didn’t say ‘Hello.’

it was as though they were doing you a big favor.

it was hard to get their attention to get help.

and, you knew they weren’t exactly into their job

because it seemed they were somewhere else,


that made you not want to go back again,

but, you know it’s the only store in town that carries

your product.

You could buy brand ‘X’ at another store

just around the block from home.

But, it’s a ‘knock off’ item from somewhere in Asia.

So, you put up with an unfriendly person

to get that thing you want.

Because, you like what you like…

and, when you go back again, you hope they are not there


when you walk in.

But, there they are, again

wearing their long unfriendly face.

and, they don’t look at you and say ‘Hello.’

So, you suck it up and give them your hard

earned money and they put it in a bag


you get your receipt

and you walk out

happy you got what you wanted,

not so happy you weren’t treated right.

So, you got in your car and turned on the radio

and heard an old song you liked in high school.

you sang along

mostly in your imagination

and the song ended.

It took you back


someone you liked in class

but were too nervous to say a word.

it was like they never noticed you.

They never knew

how you felt.

you hid it.

Of course, you knew they had someone else.

And, you felt inferior.

so, you settled for someone

who didn’t make you nervous.

You then, came back to static on the car radio and turned it off.

that person in the store

came back in your mind

as if to say ‘goodbye’

as you took off from the red light as soon as it turned green.

you speed up because some A_____E in a pickup truck was tailgating you

because he’s in such a F______G hurry to go nowhere that matters.

But, you don’t flip him off because he looks angry

and gives you the finger as he passes you

and pulls in front of you slowing down

to teach you a lesson.

You don’t do anything, because who knows if

the maniac has a gun or the psycho would run his truck over you and crush you to death?

But, you forget about that idiot drifting off again, to your special place of peace wondering

you never quite knew that person

who was nice to you

for no other reason

than they were that kind of person

where it was in their nature to be nice.

that made it a pleasant store

to visit

to buy that one thing

no other store carried,

even though it was out of your way

on the other side of town.


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