The Present Delay

I have no way of knowing

you sought to evolve through


present delay.

It is that you might want to advance your being

beyond what you are.

That you get to know you better

when you become

a more genuine authentic you.

then, the foundation’s set…

In other words, when we accept ourselves

and our lot in life, as it currently is,

we can then go on with our business

not as usual

but in the unusual.

You, and all along, you

and I mean me

can never do better than

when you say to yourself, you are simply

‘being me.’

You can tell yourself how you should be,

(even, to the point of trying to be a self so contrived it makes you ache

as if you have been poisoned)

It’s not an easy walk by any stretch…

but, it’s the way to go being OK with ‘just being me.’

not living in a shell.

being a hermit.

on no man’s island.

no enlightenment living in a cave.

Interacting with others teaches you to, ‘be me.’

So, what’s the point of all this?

I mean, all the adversity and S__T you have to endure

so often with a smile on your face while your soul cries

those tears of agony?

honestly, both our old souls aren’t smiling much these days, are they?

I think not.

Things in life good or bad, and it’s always that way,

because that’s how life comes to you;

you have to go through them both.

we try to be happy, but that isn’t helping.

we try not to be sad, and that doesn’t help.

we focus on the positive

and that distracts

leaving what needs to be looked at

under a blanket safe and warm.

It’s the experience that matters in that how you feel

makes you notice that things often happen that

do, in the end, change you.

Maybe, that’s the point of all this being alive and living stuff.

But, what do these experiences of life change us into?

some of us, don’t change.

but, for those who are willing and do,

Is it a new person, and

What kind of person

will you have become?

you won’t know until it happens.

that’s how it works.

but, then we forget how we were

because we’ve moved on…

do we become

A more bitter self?

A wiser self?

Some mixture of both?

I would think so, being

no one ever becomes perfect.

Why would anyone want to become perfect?

There is no definition for that.


I can’t think of anyone else.

I guess you could say we have a say or choice in all this,

(self growth, I guess. I don’t even think I am interested in my own

growth anymore. I simply want to be able to get through it all and stay in one piece

and be able to find where I am at any present delay)

Nevertheless, I don’t think it changes the way we feel

(what I mean, is when we see that we have changed through the years.

You know, as we grow up. I mean, I can look back now and see that I have changed and have grown up. But, I am still quite childish about some things that really bug me)

even though it changes how we look at things.

are we both seekers

of truth in our much

tangled web you look at

as you drink

that pretty penny drink


how we’ve both made

our lives

the breadth

of what they

have become?

and, then, you might as well

take another sip

and think of where

you are going

to next

and begin cherishing

your final sip

cupped in both your hands.


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