Anyone Up for a Re-In?

Some see beauty.

Some see ugliness.

some see both.

But, I see you,

don’t I?

And, you are both of these,

as well as I, aren’t you?

Remember, you told me who I was

when you got ugly with me and then I became

more beautiful than I was before?

When you ‘Re-In’ you came back to see me,

as you were when you left to make a

new assessment.

you got another chance at it, but you didn’t remember

to say ‘thanks’ to the maker.

(you thought you were only being punished once more…)

but, when you gave up and let things go you’d held onto,

something happened.

you have freed yourself to go on to the

next step.

you can try harder to evolve, even though

not ready, but it does little good.

Remember, you learned it’s good to give up on that and just live your life?

(but, you forgot your hard learned lessons, didn’t you?)

Is it fulfilling to love those who don’t love you back?

Do you give to the takers?

do we give to the takers as well as the givers?

do we love those who do not love us back?

do we just love our own kind?

(would we grow if not for disappointment and bitterness and betrayal?)

do the users ever change and develop a conscience?

do they have their purpose on this planet?

they die as they were born…

they take as long as you give.

you cannot help them see their ways no matter what you do for them.

they are best left alone with you not allowing them to harm you in any way.

and, you keep saying, as well as I,

‘who do you think I am, Jesus?’

(and, we are right, we are not the least bit like him

and never will be.)

so, it is not good to try

because we are what we are.

and, not many of us change.

there is no one who told us the rules

except the man and woman who used to live next door

that you prayed would kick the bucket.

(but, it wasn’t in the cards, was it?)

remember, how they used to irritate you

when you had to get up early to go to work

and they used to party

and play that music you hated

too loud?

Boom, Boom, Boom!

(You tossed and turned until your eyes and ears bled

from pillow feathers. your walls vibrated from all the noise and your family photo fell off the nail it was hung on and broke all over the floor. And, you got up and got a piece of glass lodged in your big toe.)

then, you hopped next door holding your foot and beat on their door and told them to turn it down,

and went home, and they turned it up louder

making your big toe ache that much more.

you called the cops.

the cops did nothing.

the guy got pissed you did that and knocked on your door.

you got punched in the nose.

then, the next day they moved

before you could file assault charges against him.

but, it wouldn’t have mattered anyway.

he was going back to jail because he violated his parole.

but, you never get that satisfaction, because you never found out what happened to him.

(but, you had a crooked nose for life so you’d never forget him and his floozy girl friend that you always heard being beat up. that was a really nice gift, right? I mean, your tweaked nose. And, you always wondered why you were so damned lucky!)

so, we live our lives the same way, every day

beating our heads against the many walls

erected by others and ourselves.

and, that’s not good or bad

because we have no way of knowing if the maker

doesn’t judge us.

we do know we judge others and ourselves


the maker simply leaves us alone

to live within what we’ve made of ourselves

and our own lives.

(don’t you think he feels a little sorry for us when we ask him for a little help? ‘Hey, need a little help down here!’)

raise your hand if you

think you are up for another re-in

for the next round?

we will wait and see

what happens


(It will be a real

doozy, like an encounter

of the

seventh kind as you dream about another troubling subject in your sleep.)


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