Wee Bit of Uncertainty

That wee bit of uncertainty

catches ya’ off guard,

lying in wait

within everything

you do.

this world,

how it’s made,


become a student

through teaching.

you don’t like

what you see


you can’t control

growing old.

take a ride on the three o’clock express;

go ahead,

make that extra cup of coffee you know

is goanna give you the jitters

you’re goanna regret, later.

you’re full into the next chapter;

so, you better start figuring it all out.

cause’ we learned there’s no one who’s

goanna do it for us…

In other words,

you don’t want to be run off the high road


by some jackass

who doesn’t give a


making you crash and burn below

as he stands looking down

laughing at

you writhing in pain

trapped in your crumpled car

burning in terror

watching your skin fall off your bones.

as I look at my trusted best three friends

in the entire world,

they lie upon my bed with me

day in, day out.

I see my beloved doggie and my two kitties

graciously spending their lives with me

every single night,

every single day,

to whom I give humble thanks and gratefulness

 from the very depths of my soul.

we bide our time,

the way we do.

we decide to pull ourselves up once more,

and go on.

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