Ebb and Flow

you ebb and flow


sea waves


never knowing

where the salty

breeze is taking you.


you don’t care

what your destination

will be

as long as you


light as a seagull’s feather.


the gale dies down

you float down

on a smooth rock.


you look out

to the shore waves

that are calmed.

you watch them gently ebb and flow.

out of the blue,

it strikes you in a way

you didn’t expect.

you feel something

you didn’t plan for

being there

as you are

enveloped in a whirlwind

of change

and a splash of water

on the rocks firmly

beneath your feet.

many things stay the same

because they have to.

that’s the nature

of the ebb and flow

 of life.

that cold feeling

in the

back of your mind

comes again

as you wish to live further

away from the reality

of the real life

you are caught up in.

you live in

the fish net




 you’d rather

be doing something else

quite larger.

and, you have longed for that

long since you were ever


this is why you weren’t

aware of this one great truth.

but, you still don’t

know what you’d rather do

with the rest of your life.

so, you keep letting the wind blow you

around where it will,

and that seems to be enough

to keep you up and interested

in the game.

but, how you live

is there


and it will be


and the many next days



has nothing to

do with where

you are going.

that, no matter how you plan,

the results bring you

back to your direction.

it is your granted escape

into a great bliss

you’d rather be into

and never wake up

from again;

a great escape from

those feelings

you had immersed

yourself unwittingly


all those used up


because you were trapped

into doing so in those times passed.

it is the nature

of who you are,

trapped inside that subtle

habit of

one more time,

and just one more day

that fatefully

turns into another year’s passing

as you passively accept it as

the rule to live by.

it was because of those liars who said it was so easy.

but, you found that nothing in the whole wide world is easy,

even when it seems so.

because, when it seems easy

it is that you have believed the deception

betraying  your own heart

 one time

too many.

but, you can’t go back

and undo all the untold damage

done to your broken soul.

you can never save the self you were;


you must go on

in chains.

yes, it is easy for them

because liars have everything

to gain

and nothing to lose,


those inwardly



their final


telling truth

the highest price

at unbeknownst


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