From Whence He Came

This man,

from whence he came

didn’t tell you his name

nor divulge his history.

but, you didn’t think to ask him something about himself.

he wouldn’t have told you much, though.

so, you did the right thing.

but, you do wonder about that


his photos are not there anymore.

they all got burnt up

maybe scattered in the wind

out that window

of someone else’s car,

more likely thrown out

of some high rise

hotel window.

but, I swear he was here.


we both can testify to that.

it’s the part you can’t capture

on film.

I know you tried.

it’s something inexplicable, isn’t it?

it wasn’t focusing…

we talked about this, but we didn’t get anywhere.

how could we?

he grew from nothing

and went back to that.

it’s something no one can understand very well.

it just doesn’t stick.

yet, he said that if you never had your


you would still have ‘tipped the bottle.’

what a senseless thing to say.

he wasn’t the one who was heartless.

it was he who tipped the bottle.

and, you tried to hide it like I told you to, but he found it

again as usual because you didn’t know how

to hide it from your own fear.

you thought you had all the smart places figured out,


that wasn’t the problem at all, was it?

it was that you had a question to ask

about forgiving.

it’s that you can’t forgive,

once that line had been crossed.

that’s just the way it is with both of us.

you weren’t ready for it then,

so you waited a long time.

and then, it was too late…

because, you couldn’t find that man, again.

he disappeared.

he went somewhere.

maybe, close.

maybe, far.

for all you knew, it could’ve been

next door and he could’ve been hiding in a closet

or under a bunk bed…

he could have been looking at you through his window.

but, you knew in your heart he slipped through your fingers

and he was gone, forever…

and, all you had was the memory

of that thing in the back of your mind

you should’ve acted upon and done something


it was that ‘something’ you were neglecting to do…

yes, that certain something.

you made the mistake of ‘putting it off.’

now, it has become that something you can’t remember.

but, I’ll bet he does,

wherever he is, now.

you know, he could still be thinking of you.

tipping his bottle

just like he always did

because you kept asking him

that same old question

he kept not giving you

an answer to.



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