I’m so not OK

I’m so not OK


that’s so very OK

with me

Politically incorrect

sure I am

that’s what you get

not in this day

and age

If they want to take a

big march in that pink gay

parade blocking all the cars

protesting my apathy

I won’t say nay

It’s all OK mainly


I am the lone gray


(a one man parade holding a picket sign that says ‘get used to me, I’m the lone Gray parade-er!’)

so, that’s probably

one good reason why

I don’t go with the flow.

Yet, I do from time to time pray

venting my dismay


don’t get me wrong

I wouldn’t dare spit on

someone’s pet

disobedient crow.

Don’t like every bro

don’t care

about everyday trends and fashions

I sit and type in short pants

and if I had enough hair

on my head

I’d grow a 1970’s era





and, then

I’d take my bow

and shoot an arrow in the sky

at the drop of my baseball



it’d land on some

rich man’s mansion

I know where I am going

And, I know where I’ve been

I know how to lead

But, found it better to listen

to those who think they have something

to say

but really don’t

have a goddamned thing to teach

that’s precisely why

It’s so much easier for the masses

to learn from those loud mouthed lame asses

about when you should cross

that street to get to the other side

It’s the timing of the whole thing that matters

making the most sense

just when you want to climb a roof

without no ladder

cause’ there’s no better way to eat

fried chicken

than there is to not

be born before that

disemboweled Rooster

in the bottom of that

greasy bucket

hatches himself out

of his freakin’ mind

much latter

(and, takes his own sweet time about doing so. but, wouldn’t you drag your chicken feet?)

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