They have no Rage

If you want to be ‘loved’

for the person you are,

go out today

to your local



buy a sad eyed

cat or dog

behind those

steel bars.

be their hero.

be a hero.

be your own hero.


you were never promised unconditional love

when you were born.

that reassurance would be nice

whether you are male or female.


who’d make that promise

and keep it?

no relative or friend I’d ever known…

and, as for the women,

I’ve forgotten more of them than I can remember.

Not that they were forgettable.

they were not.

it’s the passage of time.

things just get a bit cloudy

as the years pass by.

it must’ve been for my learning

in my lonely journey

to where I am now

with my beautiful wife.

but, there is this memory of me in the mirror.

it doesn’t haunt me, anymore…

I was once a lot handsomer than I am now.

all in all, I think I used to be

an 8 out of a possible 10.

I was so beautiful,

muscles here and there.

more hair.

much more hair.

dark hair.

of course, I look so distinguished now.

that more than a touch of gray

seemed to take what was left on my head, over…

(it’s my gray beard my wife so loves. If she didn’t object, and believe me, I’ve asked her on many occasions for permission.

I’d shave it all off just to see what a 65 year old without a beard actually looks like.)

but, would I trade it all to be young again?

I’d have to think about going through all that

crap again…

I don’t know, honestly, I don’t think I would want to do that.

It just wouldn’t be the same.

it wasn’t worth the experience,

only that it led me to be

fine with where I am now.

going around once is enough for me.

I do feel a sense of relief that’s all behind me…

I sure wouldn’t want that all ahead of me, once again.

I feel a sense of relief that part of my life is over.

(looking back, youth was more a burden than asset. I wasted it. I should’ve been an old man when I was born. It would’ve saved me a lot of trouble…)

It’s another societal pressure gone

that all it seemed to bring was

that romantic

animal magnetism

that caused me

nothing but




along with

women problems,

then long spans of

loneliness between each new woman.

Animals, on the other hand,

know how to love you, best.

no lie.

They have no ego.

they don’t get sad.

they don’t get pissed.

they aren’t moody.

they don’t leave.

they don’t cheat.

they don’t get pregnant

because you get them fixed.

they don’t need security or money.

it doesn’t matter to them what neighborhood I live in

or what car I drive.

I don’t have to be a ‘hot guy.’

I don’t have to wear a suit

or be in a particular profession

or have a degree…

I don’t even have to work out

or watch what I eat

(even though I do.)

I don’t have to make a certain amount of money each year.

I surely don’t have to be rich.

they don’t have to shop.

they don’t even need money.

they don’t complain about aches and pains.

they don’t give me a ‘honey do list.’

they don’t yell and scream at me.

they are always in a good mood.

they lick your face.

they hop up on you

because they are happy to

see you every day.

they want to be played with.

they want food and water.

they mind you

(not really.)

they’d rather be inside the house with you.

they follow you around.

they sleep a lot.

they are glad to take a nap with you.

they sleep with you over night

and never say ‘goodbye’

in the morning.

they get up when you do.

they can teach you how to love if you’d only learn

to listen to them.

so, look into their beautiful eyes.

you’ll see no ulterior motives.

they don’t manipulate you into doing

what they want you to do…

they don’t try to deceive you.

they are not the ones who say things

they regret.

they don’t divorce or break up with you.

they never break your heart

(until they die.)

they don’t smash your car up.

you can trust them with your money.

they don’t charge  your visa up to its limit.

you don’t have to be in a good mood or smile at them…

you can be you and they always love

you for that.

they have no rage.


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