Trouble is the Game

If we never had trouble

why would we wish to change


Life would be so cool


would we get bored

and restless

and wander


fields of weeds?

who would care if nothing changed

if our lives stayed so beautiful

without a care in the world?

we would never miss that thing

called pain and agony

because, it isn’t that way

It’s the law of the universe

that something ever present called discomfort

by degree

not enough pleasure to go around

that’s why

Trouble is the game

that hounds

so severely

tending to tame

us away from

 staying the same.

we’d rather keep

drinking that wine

laughing all the time

eating what we like

never seeing the doctor

nor staying in bed sick

ever gaining a mere pound

yelling out loud at the top of our lungs

in the darkness of the night

all the sounds

that never


It didn’t bother the neighbor

he didn’t complain

to the landlord against you

no aches and pains

never using your brain

staying completely sane

becoming rich with fame

never paying your insurance deductible


for that shrink

who doesn’t really help you anyway

(he’s to blame. you call him/her by some other unsavory name)

because if he cured you

he’d be out of business

(he/she needs the money. They got to eat, too? They always say

‘see you next week.’ and, you naively believe they don’t have

more problems than you do! I remember my wife telling me a story about she had a

therapist who one time asked her for personal advice! I guess they’re human, too

I mean


aren’t perfect. Or, do I mean, they don’t have it all together, either? I think so. I mean, I think I do. or, is it no one can really help anyone? Yeah, I think that’s it! I got it right that time)

so, nothing they say helps

at least

not for long

that band-aid

they don’t have a clue

how to wrap

around your soul

to keep your poor old psyche

from bleeding

on your brand new

ole’ ruffled up

 white shirt

you forgot to put in the laundry

bag and take to the dry cleaners

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