Your Favorite You

Your favorite green plant used to sit

growing its fingers

down the crackling wall

it withered away and you

found another one

at the farmer’s market

down the

dead end street

You reach for dull scissors

out of habit

you remembered to trim

its spaghetti hair

once a month

it loved you

it knew you’re coming

you gave it water with your yellow plastic watering can

and trimmed its long arms

so grateful for your care

your old friend is not there, anymore

you gave it every chance

the brown leaves kept coming

you knew that was its way of telling you


it’s space is taken up

Red plant pot with a seedling growing

Green vines no more

Yellow watering can sits on the table

Black and white cat waits for you to play with a string

Green eyes follow

brown clock on wall


seven thirty

open blue book on coffee table

Page marked with a sticky note that says

‘don’t forget to pick up your hoot owl coffee

that’s ever so mild

you’re to the chapter where there’s

a ‘knock on the door’ and you think

you know who it is and it’s not goanna

be pretty

but, you’ll forget all that because it takes

you so long to finish reading books

but, there’s no hurry

you have to drive to work with the black cup between your

legs because it’s your favorite and too large

to fit in the middle console drink holder

(it holds more coffee

and it stays warmer longer)

You have one hand on the wheel and the other on your white phone

no messages

then, your phone alarm goes off

It’s another day and you dreamt of driving

you’re goanna be sittin’ behind a desk all day talking on the company phone

you know you can be persuasive

and, today

it’s the end of the month

today you are

your favorite you

that pays your rent on time

that’s the way it has to be

and you do it because you have

to be that way

they tell you how ‘persuasive’ you are

(and, you are because you need the money)

you’re on your own

and it feels heavier

when you know it’s time to go home

you know you’ve been to enough school to know that

you’re still learning because they don’t

teach that in school

but, schools been out for quite some time

and, then you realize who that person on the other end of the phone

is, and you know we’re all the same and you are them and they are you

but in a different package

and it doesn’t make a hill of beans

where you’ve been

what you have

and what you’ve done

 that you do what you do

because you know

it’s enough

that you are doing all

you can do

and, you still hope like you

always have

that things will get



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