Mechanical Man

The mechanical man

can’t help what he is

tired of acting

doing what is expected

being told what to






the machine can’t change

what had been created

it can plow the field

like a maniac

one day

the machine started

thinking on its own

he learned he could

scream and shout

‘I have a mind’

‘I have feelings’

‘I want to be me’

things needed to change

on the outside


that wasn’t it

at all


the machine knew he

needed to change

himself in some way

if not one complete tune up

and overhaul

it ate bad food

and had bad habits

it had to overcome

on its own

and was stuck

in a world of helpless

abandonment of


grease me!

and oil me!

I am an incomplete


the machine

wasn’t willing to change

at its core


it had a personality now

and many bad habits

it had become a living


and had a soul

in that metal shell

the mechanical man

learned how to close his eyes

and felt something inside


there was something there

and it was conscious


it was him


he was over joyed

and jumped up and down

clanking his metal

and he decided right then

and there

he was going to change the world

but that it had to start with


he was going to change

do it or die

but he didn’t know how

or who to ask for advice

he just knew he had to change

at his ‘being’ level

because he had

just become a man

and in becoming human

he felt a raging

love and hate

that wasn’t there before

he was

big as an Ox

dangerous as a




made of

the hardest steel

on the face of this earth

with red hot

death ray eyes


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