Riding on a Moonbeam

poetry madness, poems, steven humphreys

We’ll never find out

who or what

keeps us in existence

we’re in the program and they’re

out of reach

Some Scientists and Philosophers

say we are in a simulation

‘a virtual reality’

If so, who made it?

Then, who made them?

They could

you know

throw the switch and turn

this whole thing off we are all caught up in

I sure hope ‘they’ do it

before the haters

launch all those nuclear missiles

against us


there could be a man on planet Neptune

our only salvation

who’d save us all from ourselves

He could want to talk to you


even me


not on your cell phone

It’s by using your mind

It’s such a long way away

so there might be some interference

or static inside

the brain waves

(the brain and its waves aren’t real,

including your bedazzled mind)

when you’ve landed

a firm connection

He might want to tell you

about his two flying white horses

that like to fly up in those

Ammonia Nitrate clouds

He might also have some

advice and opinion

about how you

can ‘make up your own Mythology’

for example

when you are

riding on a moonbeam

straight to that man who lives alone

 on that lonely far away

real estate called


it was because he’d

said he didn’t want to get himself involved

in ‘racial or political’


you know, those purple people with the pink polka dots

aren’t like us


not at all


you don’t want to burn your brother’s house down

be it

whether we have yellow polka dots or pink


we all fly through

that same dark space

between us


we don’t need breathing air


don’t even try to live up to anything, anymore


the way to stay alive is to keep thinkin’ the world

owes you somethin’

even though

you guessed


I’m here to talk

and yes

you are here

to play


when I die

just keep reading

these here



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