I Promise I will Find You once Again

They say when you die

you forget the previous life

including those



each lifetime


that one



the one

before that


please hear my eternal vow

(from my soul to yours)

‘I Promise I will Find You once Again’

I swear

even though

our memories of each other

will be erased clean

like a school children’s blackboard

I say to you

through all the forgetting

I will pray for clues

from god himself

because I will know

the emptiness I feel is

because I haven’t found you


somehow I will recognize your essence

when I see it

and know where to look

to find you

step by step

clue by clue

that uncanny recollection

and Déjà vu

of divine

 beauty which defined you

as I once knew you

and I will be led to the body

you will be in

my dearest




it is you I met late in life

and I will begin


in another time

and in another place

to spend my entire life

whether it be

in another county

another city

in another state

be it in

a different country

another world

another universe

with you

full measure

where I will propose under

a tree

as I did

the first time

and after

we will have

our own darling children

two boys

and two girls

with so many cats

and wonderful dogs

as we can fill the

inside of our mansion with

in the woods

by the sea

I will find you once more

even if it is for the last time

through all your forgetting

and mine


one day

when you least expect

when they play our sacred song


and you look up

to a familiar stranger

who walked up to you

out of nowhere

with strong character and young loving eyes

you will know somehow not to turn him away


when you look deeper

you will see an old soul

who also lives in there

looking through those

young eyes

looking down

gracefully to you as if he

knew you somehow

in another day

another time


you will know


there was something more to it

than it appeared

and that it will come to you

what that is when he asks

‘excuse me, have we met before?’

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