Out of a Cage

It is not forgiveness

we give the hellion


caused decades long

misery and pain

For it is high time

to let this hellish creature

 out of a Cage

in a much violent and unforgiving



whirlwinds and thunderstorms

near do

we as humans cannot

forgive harm done to the psyche

even in due time

It is this demon we have mistakenly

addressed as our own


is truly not ours to keep

under lock and key

This wretched phenomenon

 belongs to the rapscallions who had

unleashed it causing you

long suffering

That scapegrace

of dreadful times

owns the fiend

the lousy  beast

he planted inside your mind and emotions

So I tell you that now

with all your might

you are to let this miserable ogre out

unlocking that jail door

the portal of your soul

releasing this monster of monsters

allowing this brute to escape

to find its way home

to its rightful

lord and master





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