Photo on the Wall

a dusty

photo on the wall

hangs upon

a nail


past image of




sitting upon our lap

for a blessed many years


until Continue reading Photo on the Wall


That Slow Suicide

That slow suicide

reached out

to my throat

grasping for paper straws

that exquisite taste

clanking lipstick stained

tall stemmed glasses

filled with Continue reading That Slow Suicide

The Clothes Make the Man

The clothes make the man

as well as anything can

he can change your mind

because he’s looking so fine

but what of character

do we not understand?


while that unwitting pretty boy

of Continue reading The Clothes Make the Man

In the Ether

In the Ether

surrounded by those we used to know

many lifetimes before

those brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers

wives and husbands

sons and daughters

they live amongst Continue reading In the Ether