I the Simulated

I the simulated

am a

computer simulation


asks why

things seem real

yet not quite enough

(the old philosophers knew

before computers something was awry with reality)

and my being still asks me for change


my mind absorbs all that’s going on around me

and I agree that I want to change

my being

and I will

because that’s my intention

(I am currently working on it of course within

this simulation we are both experiencing)

more and more

scientists say the material world is not the material world

we think it is

but the fat lady still sings


la! la! la!

(when we least expect her to do so because have you ever tried to stop a fat lady when she wants to sing! I’ll tell you that if you’re smart and know what’s good for you you better not even try!)

yes our five senses limit us

we can’t see beyond them

so we will never know what lies


(like who pushed the start button and who pushed the start button of the one who pushed the start button?)



you do understand we are programmed


(we are what we are and what we have been made to be)


there’s a lot of things in this reality we

don’t and can’t ever control such as

the sun rises

and sets


the moon goes up in our sky


thank you god that I never found myself

and never found a purpose or mission

god knows I tried

and if I ever had the chance to do this life over

just one more time

(I sure the hell wouldn’t work as hard at it as I did)

because if someone steals all your fruits of your hard labor away from you

you end up giving it away in the end anyway

because you can’t take it with ya’

when you go to wherever it is you go

so the advice is that

if you are young

and especially if you are old

you must

live your simulation

the way you want

and if you happen to

seek answers

I guarantee

you will

receive more and more unanswered

 questions about

everything you happen to be asking

an answer for


the programmer in the sky

helps the sincere

all one need do is ask


(but be careful what things you wish for

because if you make a mistake you could

be stuck with it for the rest of your life!)

yet god does not divulge

that which belongs only to him


why not

go and get drunk once in a while


really tie one on!

forget the diet

for the time being

and order pizza!

after all

it’s your simulation

to make it the way you want

I the simulated do not

drink anymore

and eat even less pizza

but sometimes it seems a good idea

to pig out and do so


as Jimi Hendrix once said

‘are you experienced?’

while instead

I prefer to ask you

‘are you simulated?’

for I know

I the simulated


because everything anymore

 doesn’t quite seem

real enough

for me

(yet my soul is screaming at me again. It shouts

‘I’m real! I’m real! I’m real!)

so I respond to the inner me with

“OK, you are right! That’s the real me! I’m real. But, do you have to keep nagging me all the time about it?

But, I am sorry my dear Soul, as you are becoming a spoiled brat! I am not going to rename this poem

‘I’m Real!’

that’s going a bit too far.”

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