In the Ether

In the Ether

surrounded by those we used to know

many lifetimes before

those brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers

wives and husbands

sons and daughters

they live amongst us



but not lost

this is why you must try

the ‘invisible counselors’ technique

by napoleon hill

I have since met my two full grown dark hair

bearded sons

one with a full beard

and the other with a goatee

each of them


taller than I

both of whom

I didn’t know I had

who were happy as puppies to see me

jumping up and down

hugging me

shaking me

like I was their long lost


and I knew

I knew them

right away


within that reality

the part in which

I felt I knew them well

and the feeling of that

was heartfelt

that I knew I had loved them both

that they were my favorites

which is still with me to this day

and by that

I miss them

and now I know there is something more

that I was in another life

in some other era

even though I don’t know which


because all that was real

as real as real gets

more real than everyday life

and that I am fortunate enough to get to keep that memory

of my two sons

so I wanted to do this thing again

because I was so amazed

it seemed so real

so I got myself into that

meditative state

once more


reached out in the ether with my consciousness

and summoned

the great

Ralph Waldo Emerson

and he actually showed up

at the long counseling table

and pulled up a wooden chair

and sat down

and looked at me with those

steely gray blue eyes


‘well, what is it you want of me?’

and I told him I was frustrated

with my writing

and I sincerely asked him

‘how do I become a great writer?’

because I knew who in this entire world would have known

better than he

how to be a great writer?


he looked straight at me

with those piercing eyes of his

and replied

‘you already are…’

and I thought that was very

nice of him to say so

and that was it with him

then sometime later

I had this dream one night


I flew through the clouds with no fear

because I am so afraid of heights

it makes me shiver and tremble

and it became an incredible flight through all those

fluffy cold clouds


I felt so warm and at home

way up there with

the wind

and it seemed so real to me

as it does now


as I write this to you

my dear unknown friend

to pray sincere

when you seek an answer

at your wit’s end

that you will receive

a message

you might not yet understand

but listen carefully

and reflect

because much of what we think is fantasy

in dreams

and altered states

is as real

as real gets

in the ether

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