vivian maier
My favorite poets and artists

Vivian Maier

I know I knew her long ago before I was born as soon as I saw her timeless work her own itinerary it became me I see me through her photographs and she saw me in another world another time on the streets but Fame never followed her living steps A private person That mysterious… Continue reading Vivian Maier

Spiritual and beyond

The Visit

The visit is coming in town before he was born living hidden controlling minds remotely as an avatar not yet free to proving what is seen signaling knowing how it works within the mind therefore behooving someone to do something anything no matter how goddamned dim that unknown poet was in writing his sacred words alone long before… Continue reading The Visit


Living for a Haircut

Living for a haircut Living from paycheck to paycheck living buying stuff when enough stuff is enough stripping off our evolution going far away from the places we used to believe were real giving a smile eating a cookie sitting in that barbershop chair looking in the mirror while so many lottery winners get more miserable… Continue reading Living for a Haircut


Craving the Maserati

Keep on Craving the Maserati Go ahead and be the Vampire of your nightmarish work week come true Listen to the shrill  voice inside no one hears but you watching the movie as real as it gets changing your heading daring me to follow you failing your smallest expectations exceeding your greatest disappointments kinder than you had best imagined… Continue reading Craving the Maserati

Spiritual and beyond

Skeletons in My Closet

Skeletons in my closet nothing faint to despair shake creak and rattle on the hangers they bang on catching up high in No man's sky falling upon depths of love you never had eating dirt walked upon by everyone becoming forgotten everything having to do with pride lost knowing god's law that you can jump only so… Continue reading Skeletons in My Closet

Spiritual and beyond

Listen to the Ghost

Listen to the ghost in those future shoes never to those living fools we'd listened to who made us into the lowest man on the totem pole stewing in a broth of education learning words to land a job that made us look so good we became mad as hell when we got savvy and knew no one cared anyway… Continue reading Listen to the Ghost