Listen to the Ghost

Listen to the ghost

in those future


never to those living fools

we’d listened to

who made us into

the lowest man on the totem pole

stewing in a broth of


learning words

to land a job

that made us look so good

we became mad as hell

when we got savvy and knew no one cared anyway

we swathed ourselves in apathy

taking away more time than was given

that once you get to know someone well

you get that people never change

their ways

not the wisest man

on earth

knows why

being a kid again

becomes so tongue in cheek

walking in steps

of eyes seeing

not when ready

with those

whose plugged ears heard

each day repeat


the same old mistakes

we made

eating familiar food

and common drink

wondering why

we never learn

the cruel ways

in which

images inside the

 antique mirror

have always lingered

long before we came

in hopes

when we dusted

 looking within its depth

we saw something

that was coming

long away

that enveloped love

making us pure

casting away all pain of mind and body

never forsaking us

never changing

the unending love

that’d carry us away

to a different place

of mirth

where colors bathe

saving us


our own miserable petty graces

in the midst of

embellishing our grandiose lives


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