Skeletons in My Closet

Skeletons in my closet

nothing faint to despair

shake creak and rattle

on the hangers they

bang on


up high in

No man’s sky


upon depths of

love you never had

eating dirt walked upon

by everyone becoming forgotten

everything having to do with pride


knowing god’s law

that you can jump only so high


eat certain food or you’ll get sicker

unless you

be the person you are or die

an untimely death of

no one having to tell a dog or a cat

it has to lie in the sun


humanity’s problem is we think

we are our own little world

when those who give are taken by those who take

see me as a crazy loon

when the truth be known

the nature of it is hazy

while some of us

call the sleeping man somewhat lazy

lost in a slight hedge of a maze

eating crumpets


the noon bell rings

the way

you see it through your

shaded viewpoint

drifting up

rising tune

brittle summer


white boned moon

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