Living for a Haircut

Living for a haircut

Living from paycheck

to paycheck

living buying


when enough stuff is enough

stripping off our evolution

going far away from the places

we used to believe were real

giving a smile

eating a cookie

sitting in that barbershop chair

looking in the mirror

while so many lottery winners

get more miserable than ever

as life is many things

but no one knows when you’ve arrived


you are glad you did come back

to you

someday when you are

feeling better

asking yourself

is all this stuff useful?

Serendipity whispering in the wind says


question everything

believe in nothing

be kind

but firm

be just

living through our own intention

from our being

in our being

through our being

not the guru

but an awakened follower

chasing long strings of falsehoods

for far too long

over hill and valley

Somehow knowing when the best times of life were

not enjoying them enough

until they were gone

trapped in time

still there

in memory

but we can’t get back

because we don’t know how


there is a way

to go back again

as we are now


someone needs to figure out

to get there again


those golden times

in that barber chair

clipping hair

it’s not the money that matters

that gives true meaning

it’s a way of keeping score

without others


men dare to be their own islands

and women are the waters

surrounding them

those fiery eyes

in the back of your mind

see that when nothing excites you but food

you must

become a chef

when there’s nothing more exciting than music

you are called to make your own songs

and if you had wondered once

why are there whores?

why are there murderers?

why are there prophets?



because they found out

they could

because no one stopped them

in time


the ones who bypassed all that


the hated


those who took offense to that

became the haters

and those who’ve lost their way

simmer in their own mistrust

eating out of the dish of their

own appetizing depression

loving their own narcissistic selves

 in savory pain


it’s all they know

how to do

so familiar

so like home

those fiery eyes

sunglasses on

lenses popping out

falling to the ground


shattered pieces


dirty broken dishes



you must clean your own

pots and pans


less is best

and more is less

and less is more

when it comes to buying silverware

at your local Walmart store

we the messed up people

we the different

aren’t so illiterate

as they think we are

after all

hearing the same song we heard in

the Vegas hotel

ten years later at home

being careful what things you waste your time with


you don’t get your time back


life is wasting time

you can’t hold onto it


those who do finally let go and die

let all of themselves go slipping into the day’s


called to their past lives

in a real dream

a dream come real

to a crowd in which we are alone because we

are all the types of individuals

inside our own faces

we never quite were able to get into

except by agreement

when there is no success

there is just you

getting rich and crying because you wasted your time and effort

being poor appreciating a genuine barbershop haircut

as they shave your neck

with a dab of shaving cream and a straight razor

that’s what I like

a real man’s haircut

since I’m not a handsome man

women used to love

in their hair styling salons

sitting in their lovely chairs

with their sinewy

 fingers running through

my full head of young dark hair

living loosely

and tightly

because tight

makes things


and loose

makes you start thinking

about the fashion in which you’ve spent

your ever thoughtful

fully wasted time

2 thoughts on “Living for a Haircut

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