Vivian Maier

vivian maier

I know I knew her

long ago

before I was born

as soon as I saw

her timeless work

her own itinerary

it became me

I see me through her photographs

and she saw me

in another world

another time

on the streets


Fame never followed her living steps

A private person

That mysterious lady

those photos caught in time

transcending an era

forever relevant

still poignant

the artist in her

the genius

her self portraits

that expression on her face

belongs to me

for it became my own

she ran from her fortune

a woman to be respected and honored

a wisdom

in moments


in the boulevards

those timeless cities

of an era

not there anymore

to run as wild as it will


in black and white


I have found

Vivian Maier

yes I knew her well

the stranger no one


within the confines of her own

space time

which rests softly

within the vestige of me


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