Sitting on My Bed

Sitting on my bed

playin’ my guitar



threads in my head

long ago






derriere grows

rockin’ in this chair

feelin’ pretty fair

younger days care

brown flowing hair

life unfair

beginning to an end

fair weathered friends

drivin’ in my car

not far

corner bar

under stars

coin it

see it

surely not an act

in relative intentionality

no man’s

living alone

losing his own mind

to all those thoughts and emotions

throwing it all away

his own life


and you are now here

finally arriving

drama in a family is a tree of history

dabbling in all


a change in your ways

until too late

standing alone outside

closed door

phone booth waiting

a call from that stranger

and it rings

so you

get excited

growing more hungry

every day

waiting for

every cold night


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