Woman by my Side

Oh woman

oh woman

by my side

what makes ye

so unlike me?

so sweet

so sour

so soothing

so demanding

so full of emotion

so in need of understanding

yearning for that something

from me which cannot be owned

by neither of us

you are strong

you are weak

so it goes with me

that we are not so unlike

each other as we age

through the years

becoming none the less my own


my own essence


from all of this

out of a pool of mankind

and manliness

that hazy essence

filtered through all womanhood

 gazing strongly upon my own arms

holding you

reassuring you

in those matters

of greatest concern

and discernment

seeing that

(I do reminisce better and better)


these humble limbs do hang loosely from both my

wobbly old grizzly bear shoulders

through all living

by its own grimness


my hair stands spritely up and down

my spine


remembering my love for you

never once forgetting

what it represents

and what it truly is

(apart from what we’ve often been told and once upon a time had so prejudicially believed)

that young and old love grows independently

to their own place in time

and of what things they required of me

and still do…

testing of my spirit

and character

through all untold years

my precious

woman by my side

many things are you

my teacher

my wise old woman

(and please don’t forget that includes

that impossible you!)

as we continue

growing old together

despite what’s outside


in your own way of ways

you do see the real me

when I cannot


in my own time

I am reminded

in those subtle mysterious ways

my love exists

in soulful dedication

to you

ever emerging in those pieces

never ending

passing through

the depths

No doubt I have never been the perfect man

for without you I would not have become who I am

on my own

residing within my own becoming

you had paved the way

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