Praying to the Rainmaker

praying to the rainmaker

I found myself

praying to the rainmaker


shall I say programmer?

the one

who made all this you now see

before you

you know


he who made

all of this real

even though it seems so


at times

it’s as real as it gets

at least

for us


immortal mortals

in this dimension

as he is behind

all of which you see

from his own

virtual big bang



all he used was

mere formless

ones and zeroes

entirely out of the emptiness

of nothing

adding or taking away

a few of these and that’s

and then

something else

magically popped up


in each other’s place

so when you pray to the programmer

with those sincere sad tears

falling from your eyes


him to change a few ones and zeroes

on your behalf

so that circumstances change

as to clear the way

to make things better

and remove the grief

so that your world changes

because he is the one who changes you

in ways you will never know


what would it cost the rainmaker

to add and subtract

abstract numbers which have no form?

he could

stop wars

heal the sick

make one live

to yet another day

even inspire someone

to do something

that mattered

more to another

that great programmer in the sky

who makes rain

for all the flowers

and what of we?

what are we to learn?

to be better people?

to grow?

and to what end?

you did go through much detail

to try to convince us life was real

didn’t you?

from all the pain

and the feel good

programmer rainmaker

I know you had your reasons

and some of us are listening

and many are not

but what else were you to do?

have idle hands and do


or create a grand program


of simple numbers

and leave it alone

to evolve where

it decided to go

from within its own darkness

seeking light so it could proceed

because you gave the first things that evolved

(these entities)

just enough

free choice

(but with limitations)

 to roam about where they



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