Do you Get it?

Do you get it?

It’s not here anymore

you wouldn’t know it

when you weren’t even here

you haven’t arrived

not really

in a memory

a loving memory

in a feeling

you can see

you can hear

can’t you feel it?

and we aren’t anywhere


we just don’t know it yet

until that moment



ah, yesterday

my precious yesterday!

Boo hoo hoo!

no more

‘Lapis lazuli!’


‘C’est la vie’ to it all!

[say la vee!]

funny when things are good and ready

they become well and done

when listening to

‘sentimental journey’

you find

those meant for something great

already did it

and are dead and gone

passin’ through life’s flashing stop lights like

green and red strobes

anything you can imagine is like

a memory that will

always be real and not

when you try to make your personal robot human and one of a kind

you can’t decide to take the human out

of the robot

(he or she)

stands in a field of green

wishing for an ocean blue

waving up high


infinity’s sky

are you getting it now?

I get it

I’m giving it

did you keep your word?

did you attain your goals?

your word is all you got

life may or may not go well

(it doesn’t end well)

and doesn’t have a happy ending

(we have to watch movies for that)

and you can be anything you want

famous and rich

or poor

and the outcome will be the same

for example:

you can carry a gun

you can use it or not

and you can always

carry your head

in a handbasket

and cry for your lot

in life


it always pays to be negative

so always be positive

because that way

everything looks good

until you really start

looking at

uncovering what’s

really there

under the blanket

of conscious



call me irrelevant

call me grandpa

just don’t forget to

call me to the dinner table!

until then

I’m goanna check it out

‘binaural beats’

with headphones on

until I can travel in the

‘theta state’

Are we gettin’ brave yet?


(not the ‘kookiest’ thing anyone with any common sense can do. Seriously! I ain’t kiddin’ round’)

traveling through that reality frame

to see that lost dimension for myself you can never return from

when it’s your time

that it is ok to go

to that place


at least a visit

to check it out

you must know…


anyone can tell you anything

they want that’s true or not

but you never quite know

anything until you experience it

for yourself

once your mind’s free

your body follows

then what you want to have happen

starts walking true

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