Poems of the Masters

Henry David Thoreau, poet

I began reading poems of the masters at a young age. PoetryMadness.Com is filled with original poems by (me) Steven Humphreys. Poetry is a reflection of how one sees his own life and a personal interpretation of what goes on around him. It’s an outlet to let all my thoughts and emotions out on website paper thereby releasing them in the realm of cyberspace.

Writing poems is something some of us just have to do to survive. It’s our life blood. Life itself is like a poem, an unfolding poem. Poetry is a deep questioning; a reflection and pondering upon ones own inner self and existence. Who hasn’t ever wondered about what his purpose and mission in life was and why he was put here on planet earth?

The Beat Poets

In the early nineteen fifties in New York and San Francisco, poets like Allen Ginsberg questioned politics and culture in a way that hadn’t been questioned before. It was the beginning of a movement that helped spark what happened in the sixties and beyond. It went from Beatnik straight forward to Hippie movement.

These old soul poets questioned social and literary conformity. And, that bothered the establishment and those in power rocking the status quo of the times.

They walked a different walk and talked a different talk. They questioned everything. No stone of conformity was unturned. Poets like Ginsberg would become one the ‘Beat Poets’ out of the ‘Beat Generation’ writing ‘Beat Poetry.’

The Times were a changin’

Those were the days, in which some from that time who remain alive still hold sacred. But, unfortunately, all that was way before my time, as I was born in 1951. I wasn’t old enough for stuff like that. I was in baby diapers sucking on a baby bottle. I would have no clue what it was like to dissent from the norm until well into the nineteen sixties.

The ‘Beat Poets’ created a new era that has come and gone but forever made its mark frozen in time like it is still alive today. Many of us would rather be there if he could only be transported back there in a time machine. So, all we can do about it now is read the poetry and listen to its spoken word live.

Poems of the masters from past generations has its own unique style of life, love and madness like Henry David Thoreau and Edgar Allan Poe’s poetry from the mid 1800’s. Wouldn’t you agree?

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