Every little wee bit helps

That screeching Magpie

nagging me

looking down at me

hopping up and down

laughing at me

hopping from one to another


of that sturdy elm which grows out

from within my head

that howl of his

oh, that howl!

drives me insane

I am rather mad

like a mad man

without direction

without an outlet

(such as being a flesh tearing werewolf!)

when life sucks

it helps

it helps…

these words I say

words of rage

from generality

neither here nor there

a living

sheer madness

that’s what it is

sheer madness

ripping out of my skin!


there it goes again!

that Magpie!

deep inside my brain

mocking me

that rage

bottled up in there

(for what it seems like a century)


I feel for

that poor bastard

crossing my path

at the wrong time


doesn’t deserve what he’ll get

no, not at all

when I explode on him!

(maybe, he might deserve every bit? There’s no way I can know except by asking him. Then, he’d likely lie! Then, I’d have to give it to him that much more! Ha!)

but that won’t stop me

I mean, whether some poor bastard deserves a good undeserved whipping or not!

it hasn’t stopped me yet

I will whip

especially when forced!

(and I don’t mean sadomasochism, either!)

most often

if not always

it is so undeserved


he’s goanna get it someday

whoever he is…

what I deem he deserves


he hasn’t showed up yet

but I know he will

when I least expect it

it is so much

like life

isn’t it?

(He might as well be the goddamned invisible man! He could be some nerd in an office cubicle who was so bored to death with his job he picked you out plastering your social security number all over the internet for an identity theft that makes you feel like you should have never been born. But, somehow he felt you were the nameless face who made his life so terrible he had to strike back at anyone. And, your number had just come up… Unfortunately, it was you. Poor poor you. He just had to pick you. And, he did…)

What really happens is that you’ll never know who did it to you

You’ll never even know what they did

Because you’re so strung out

You can hardly keep it all together

Ready to lose your mind

Like a crazy man

Like this crazy man

that we are

sad one day

rewarded the next

and then,

something gets taken away

from our clutches


something given


like a tug of war

that keeps leading you on

hanging by that last slim thread of sanity


then it’s you

it comes back to you

and then

it spins around

and goes back


you handle it

you handle it alone

and we all know

that we’d rather not

but we aren’t that crafty

we’d get caught

and then the jail

door would slam


icy cold











of a bird


telling me

he told me so

because he was

trying to be my friend

and I

thought he


my executioner

my personal torturer

pecking and pecking

at my mind


all he was


my jailer

because he took

away what little mind

I had left

before it locked itself up

shutting my mouth…

for good

because every little wee bit helps

when you’ve decided

you’ve finally had it up to here

you’ve had enough

when you are about to lose your mind

this is how it happens

to the unknown tormented


when he seeks revenge

upon any innocent soul

he can trap

in his clutches

when he doesn’t know

who the one was

who did it

to him

all his miserable life

and there he is

and there he will be


and waiting


for an opening

his chance

to do untraceable harm

at arms length

to one innocent sheep

who got






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