Madness of Poetry

edgar allan poe, steven humphreys, sage, poems, poetry, prose

Why do I write poems? I began writing poetry at a young age shortly after I began reading poems of Edgar Allan Poe and Henry David Thoreau. I give tribute to great poets such as these, including Charles Bukowski. I thank them for my inspiration.

Writing in general and especially specific, poetry is my creative outlet. It makes me feel better as I write. It might even be my form of intensive ‘madness’ therapy. And, the poem is done when it’s done. I don’t hurry to crank more out. It’s not so much I have to think much when I write. It’s something of and about me that comes through however it feels like and in its own time.

It’s uncanny. And, it always happens like this. The Doves start landing again on my backyard wall, and perch on my wrought iron gate by the pool. Then, one or both of them fly down and take a drink. They’ve been visiting me occasionally for a few years.

I have a birdbath birds drink and wash themselves off in. They walk right in and fluff their feathers up with water, then shake themselves off. It’s by my red Hummingbird feeder that hangs overhead…

My backyard is a sanctuary for birds, lizards, butterflies, and whatever creature wanders in my protected sanctuary making himself a comfy little home in my tree, shrub, grass or bush.

Doves are a universal symbol of peace. Whenever there’s a change in my life, the Doves always land. For me, it’s almost like a religious or spiritual experience. The timing of their landings is always a surprise and uncanny, something like a subtle message from the cosmic.

I stopped writing poetry fifty years ago. The Doves landed at the right time, exactly when I was wondering what was next in my life. And, then I had my answer. ‘Bubba’ and I knew we would have to write poems and post them on PoetryMadness.Com.



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