Saying Goodbye

Messages from the other side

saying goodbye

my wife’s friend

contacted me

from beyond

whispering to me


‘take care of my own wife’

who was her friend


another time

A friend of mine

who passed



‘Hey, it’s cool here, why don’t you join me!’


I was excited for him


he was having such a grand ole’ time

in eternity

I told him

I had to

‘take care of my wife’

that I had things to do

that I wasn’t quite ready

that I would have to see him later

and that was their only message


then they were gone

in silence forever


To those acquaintances and people

who aren’t here anymore


say goodbye

goodbye to grade school

goodbye to adolescence

goodbye to what you were

farewell to all childishness

and to all those things you once had

the loss of which

leaves something in its place

a maturity

yours to keep

be it burdensome

be it for growth

Is it that life’s too short?

that when you learn your lessons

no one asks you to share your wisdom?

is it that everyone else

cannot be told by you

that life must be their teacher instead?

that you are in the end

alone in your own mind

within your own feelings


inside your own thoughts

trapped by your own experience

in your own time

in a world by yourself

and time

yes that mysterious time

moves on

as it does

to where it will go

without anything

without anyone

slowing it down

or burdening it


this unknown thing

saying hello to you

when it decides you are going

with it

whether you are ready

whether you are not

and that

that decision is








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