That thing

we call you

it moves on to the next step


you are not a baby anymore

that’s long passed

but, you once were

where did that ‘you’ go?

I miss my seven year old

step daughter

the way she was

where did she go?

she has changed in almost every way

who is this stranger

who stands in front of me

nearly two decades later?

she has the same name

but everything throughout her

has changed

a face I never quite got to know

before it had once again changed

does this mean the younger person

who used to be her

has died?


something else happened

that is much stranger

it is as if she

is still back there

stuck in time





as the seven year old

I once thought I knew

out of reach

growing up

independent of me

in that era


the strict laws of nature

don’t bend or break

for no one

unless god himself

decides to


godly changes

I tried to bargain with him

and he won’t budge

he won’t allow me to go back

in time

and do it over again

he said

I had my chance

in the meantime

she grew up

in the wink of an eye

it all passed me by

never to return

only in memory


you now know

things you never knew before

because you grew into being

this older soul called you

but what is old?

what things have we become?

is that same thing inhabiting you now

as when you were a toddler?

it did not die

but we did change into something else

along the way

didn’t we?

where did that thing called ‘you’ the younger self go?


we miss those

younger spirits

in our lives

but they have gone

they call it growing up


but did that younger self die?

where did it go?

where did we go?

we are still here

aren’t you and I?



is that one thing of life that was present in a child

unchanged and still within us

looking out through these worn out old eyes?


evolving into what?

going to where?

for what reason and purpose?

evolvement for the sake of itself?

we can never be sure

about a plan that was made for us

as we walk upon the one way bridge of life

made entirely out of time and space

taking our steps

one behind another

toward the great unknown

what has left us since birth

is nothing

we’ve retained it all

somewhere within us

that thing is still in there


it is still part of what makes us


it goes on

although unseen

covered up in expanse

of this universe of ours

we have changed not

yet we know we have

and can never

go back

from whence

we came

we are to pass

into the





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