Seeing Colors Insane

seeing colors insane, steven humphreys, poetry

Seeing colors insane

It is ours

it is yours

it is as dark

as coal

Grass and dirt

so finds you

You can run away

but it will engulf you

up to your neck

then up to your

hairy eyeballs!

Every little

wee bit helps

but don’t give

him another inch!

He will only take

never give

He must be

dealt with

in the harshest



he must pay dearly

for what things he did to us

Let’s teach him one painful lesson

Let that time be now


I’ve been drivin’ low on route 66

without a truck

in my mind

I’m doing the time

resting on my laurels

working on bad morals

kicking sand

reckless toes

in a hot rock and roll band

sentenced to life

being a man

who can’t seem to understand

the very simplest of plans

Do you get it?


let me know

when it’s time to go

take it slow

it’s not a show

it’s only me


call me dear

be real


the straight line





like jello

I will not


Put it to the torch

my good man!

Be angry

be sad



in the tallow

Oh thou broken hearted

such as I

It pains me so

when we stay so shallow

unsettled in that old familiar

loneliness that persists!

When the deed is done

we are done

It never goes


from our grasp

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