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Messages in bottles

Picked a tea leaf from the bush (my tree of knowledge) turned it over read its life line found out what it means 'drink loose leaf green tea then you will know' spoke its wisdom in green pungent warm flavor in this life everybody wanted me to be what they wanted me to be I… Continue reading Messages in bottles

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Praise goes to the happy souls for they've learned the secret to life they just live and roll with the punches. and, as for the rest of us miserable souls who question our existence asking god forever whining why me? pestering him getting on his nerves all the time we'll forcibly be put back here… Continue reading Praise

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Spiritual and beyond

Run away

Run away flee for life and limb from love leave goodness behind turn back goodbye blood-red moon fare-thee-well hot blazing sun far hovering above speaks 'stand by fallen bed' run again scene so mean flavor so dull go ahead run amok monsoon wild gardenia patches mild jasmine fields abound vining up a tree no sound… Continue reading Run away

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Love in memorandum

A thing called love ever changing so many things to so many people crumbs of it followed to the main meal feasting of it eating a paltry portion in the midst of one lit candle one last rose a word describes its many faces and shades of color what is it? what is it not?… Continue reading Love in memorandum

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My yearbook

Didn't buy a high school yearbook someone wise said 'I'd regret it someday' I didn't hate school not in the beginning my first year of high school I was involved in track and cross-country in my sophomore year I don't know why but sometime later in high school I started hating school for some reason… Continue reading My yearbook

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Talk outside midnight air profess your love toast with wine to one living soul who cares no man amongst us listens no man hears but his own thoughts your own ears hear your words of love they echo in the distance lost in time shout them out in stillness prime time look deeply into the… Continue reading Profess

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My favorite poets and artists

Poet laureate

We love their work. The poet laureate. Their readings become part of who we are. Yes, they are not here anymore. But, it wasn't so long ago that they were alive and kicking, writing their thing. To name just a few of the worthy, honor goes to Poe, Thoreau and Bukowski. In the grand scheme… Continue reading Poet laureate

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Bits and pieces

Took a nap when I woke brain was broke didn't remember who I was or where I was hard to cope thought I might need a swift slap kind of scary worried I'd turned into a freakin' flamin' fairy like that fat a_s next door Barry thank god nope few seconds later cleared my head… Continue reading Bits and pieces

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The ten-year reunion that's the one where you see the show offs impressing others with their achieved status since high school some were divorced and took off with their old flames afterwards some married their high school sweethearts most are drunk (or high on something) now, at the twenty year reunion some take off with… Continue reading Reunion

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Spiritual and beyond

Of right mind

That man over there of right mind he's right all the time never dawning on him he's growing old as slow as sands in an hourglass sprinkling like salt slowly emptying the last grain of his soul impatiently he looks at his watch throughout each day you're in his way always in a sudden gust… Continue reading Of right mind