An honest heart

an honest heart, poetry, steven humphreys, love, friendship

My dear long lost youthful friend

I haven’t seen you for what feels like a




of time

have passed me by

as if I have been sleeping

in stillness

like the fern

gathering its moisture

the dew dripping

over there

off the

leaves of corn

the leaves drying

and the corn

will begin

showing its kernels


misty white fog

lifts off the ground

evading the sun

evaporating like magic

when the sun

rises slowly over the ridge

a new heart

has grown

an honest heart

unlike the one before

that was afraid to be hurt

today is

its first sun

you didn’t know where this heart came from

it just appeared one day

as the new you

the old heart betrayed you

many times

you did not know

your heart well

it was not your fault


it became hardened




but this new heart

is not from the mind

like the old heart

the mind told it what to do

like a bully

it pushed it around

it kept things inside

it was angry


the new heart

it is kind

it is not told to be kind

it is what you are now

you have become


you care

you feel compassion

you are gentle

out of your pain

you have learned

you have changed your heart

yes, for years you became more bitter

and you finally saw it did no good

you returned hate with hate

vengeance with vengeance

coldness with coldness

you held grudges

your heart hurt

it turned sour

it spoiled everything

about you

and everything

in its path

it touched


it was somehow reborn again

out from where you really are

it came from your being

it was a change in you

that didn’t come from your thinking

not from your will

not because someone else told you to do it

no one showed you how

it came from what and who you are

it is not what you were

you evolved

you changed

but you didn’t know how

you became

someone else

you woke up

and became someone

else and you didn’t

realize it until


it was something that happened

when you slept

for so long

you slumbered for many years

and then you woke up to a new day

a new person in the mirror

who’s not mad

you feel a sense of loss

of sadness

that you let so many angry years

get the best of you

and you did nothing

but attract users and hurtful people

you didn’t know they were your teacher

and that you have become what you are now

because of them

you have become someone who healed

through adversity

because you decided

it was time to change

it didn’t come from your intellect

it came from who you

decided you wanted to become

you became someone else

but at the same time

you finally became you

the you, you never were

the you, you are now

the you who is free

look out to that yellow flower over there

standing alone by itself

when you look at the flower

you see a different flower

but it is the same flower

it has always been

flowers are always beautiful

they never change

they never have to

they only live

and they are beautiful

when their flowers bloom

they absorb the sun

then they wilt and die

they do not change their ways

it is you who has changed

his ways

you see things through the eyes

of someone else

your eyes have changed

you are no longer the you

you used to be

you haven’t died

you have become beautiful


and the flower now looks to you

for its own inspiration

you are beautiful inside

and it doesn’t matter how or why it happened

and now, since you know

all you must do

is go on and live your life





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