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Spiritual and beyond


Who goes there? is it you I used to know? E C H O in years ahead what becomes of me? S E A R C H I N G who will take care of you? W A R M  B L A N K E T trusting those who haven't proved themselves worthy grows… Continue reading Who

so much, life, love, family, poetry, steven humphreys
Life's ups and downs

So much

So much coming at you you can't control within our own sunsets let it blow A W A Y like the wind it is always what it is just that no less no more and does what it does blowing leaves on the ground cooling you down ruffling your hair on its own terms in… Continue reading So much

letting go, love, poetry, steven humphreys, broken heart, soul mate
Love and loss

Letting go

Lost love letting go this you will know another time another place that used to be you another face you are a changed being on so many levels and once you've gone on you can never return to that which you've already learned you are welcomed by your soulmate to be in letting go releasing… Continue reading Letting go

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Throughout time

Throughout time man has loved and virtually worshipped his animals cats and dogs found him maybe a lost kitten or puppy wandered into his cave one cold evening with a soft meow or whimper better no strange caveman wander into the wrong cave unless he wanted his head taken off! but a wide-eyed pup or… Continue reading Throughout time

windswept, poetry, steven humphreys


Windswept whisked away swept into the night broken into a thousand cubes of scattered stars fragments of me splinters of you in my side I'll never know why it was it came to be I am ever changing I was blind half my life and could not see even though mine eyes were fully opened… Continue reading Windswept

cold shelter, life, poetry, steven humphreys
Love and loss

Cold shelter

Cold shelter bold shoulder make believe cover your feelings that much bolder sift through time you are the beholder wallow in freedom you get nothing but older let it go in nine time flew out the heart's window like a dove it's yours and mine love gone cold revenge is so bitter and sweet below… Continue reading Cold shelter

surprised, reincarnation, poetry, life, steven humphreys
Spiritual and beyond


Life always makes one surprised confused surmise absolute resolute hanging with friends beer drinking wine tasting amends the endless party life lessons change the heart altering soul hardily becoming someone new a revisit renewed against the will one hundred thousand times sanctioning still a changed mind actions memory erasure yes pure again my first visit… Continue reading Surprised

so it goes, alcohol, drunk, wine, poetry, steven humphreys
Spiritual and beyond

So it goes

Wino so it goes take a drink hold your nose where it flows head to toes we all know... drink grape act like an ape can't escape tasty evil grape drizzled down the nape forgot where I was who I was who I'd been with on that first date (hum... what was her name?) where… Continue reading So it goes

this unfriendly town, poetry, steven humphreys
Spiritual and beyond

This unfriendly town

this unfriendly town is where I live day to day no one smiles cause' there's no one home they are in a hurry pushing shoving and tailgating you over the edge of their cliff they don't know your name but they look out their windows staring down while all the others hobble by like shady… Continue reading This unfriendly town