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Withering away in Winogaritaville

Livin' in Spain a lot (drinking 'shots' while humming my old tune...) withering away in winogaritaville man it's H  O  T! pouring insane jalapeno sauce (like gravy) over half-baked tater tots temperature risin' connectin' all life's obscure dots one rusty robot playing slots like one 'hot shot' I'm so... N  O  T stomach tied in… Continue reading Withering away in Winogaritaville

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Spiritual and beyond


Standing and waiting teeth gnashing and grinding for the bells to start ringing earth throwing quaking and forsaking another time another faking your light is spending it's fate's own condemnation we the living vest in our murmurs standing in wait the straight but narrow exiting tomorrow bone and marrow the bells gong the night forlorn… Continue reading Standing

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Pets, Spiritual and beyond


Birthday hats for dogs and cats? sure! why not? it's my way of thanking them for being my friends that's where it's at I'd do anything to make them happy until the very end but I don't mean to humiliate them I'm their pappy there are those who suggest this does just that I disagree… Continue reading Hats

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Pets, Spiritual and beyond

Long Claws

when your best friend's long claws need some trimmin' teach him how to claw the cat tree like a woman turn him into your personal bartender pouring a cold tall beer this evenin' (with squeezed lemon) up until closin' time (you know when that is. It's when you fall asleep on the pool table, silly!)… Continue reading Long Claws

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Spiritual and beyond


coined a weirdo not for lack of a hairdo it's clear t  h  o  u  g  h one thing nothing's never quite enough to do be bop pin round town what else is there for old fools? I'm not through life ain't too rough live on the cuff rather be some bald headed pointy eared… Continue reading Elf

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Mozart played piano at six I write rhymes at sixty six (examples:) 'pick up sticks, step on a brick, drivin' with my two best friends on highway sixty six' I'm no Mozart no Poe for sure no backward hick just another 'risible' old F _ RT who needs a couple of cures two eyes in… Continue reading Risible

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Spiritual and beyond


Thy candle wick burns for you white light burning bright dripping hot wax sealing our bond our fate a promise tonight power in its glow and glory drawing you nearer moth to flame old neon sign greasy spoon no plates clank coffee sits cold clouds moon misty night pull over to the side empty street… Continue reading Candle

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Spiritual and beyond

Season of wind

all comes apart at the seams time and space unravel evidence is plain to see to those whose eyes are open it underlies every theme knocking season of wind thunders its gusty lightning from deserts in a whirlwind out to sea howling its hot and cold breath dogs of H _ _ L yap and… Continue reading Season of wind

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Spiritual and beyond


Wicked hotel 'sorry no vacancy' got a cramp looking at my lava lamp bubbles float up and down 'so you're the beloved angel of the thirteenth floor'? pleasure meeting you... windows way over on the left open and gone no escaping dawn concrete goes straight down to h _ _ l dead plants in pots… Continue reading Beloved