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There was an eternal fog which rose up from his garden moonlight was still flowing through it in the dawn of his new day a form was cloaked within this ethereal mass he couldn't tell if it were A man A spirit or An animal he couldn't quite make it out As he walked closer...… Continue reading Fog

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Spiritual and beyond


Hapless we are surviving life daily haply bathed in dew covered lawns at all wonder tide at noon babbling brook yonder up hills in recompense souls sincerely trembling fathers wandering rogue eloquent gladness and musings shall fill our breathless natural prisoner freed in outlash to open cloudless skies

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Heavy thinking

Heavy thinking midnight drinking bells of Christmas tinkling look at the dictator deep in his face in the flaming 'no blinking' mirror sinking beer belly bread basket no longer care grain alcohol before the fall thought you'd become wiser when nothing to do nowhere to go and those all too beautiful hills became still and… Continue reading Heavy thinking

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Postcards to God

You could read the black graffiti written through the overgrown ivy on the old town library brick wall (he reminded me that it was good explaining why the in-house maintenance had left it alone) it reads... 'I am me and that's good enough' you continue being who you aren't but you will grow up looking… Continue reading Postcards to God

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You stopped at the entrance to a tunnel and there you hang in limbo for the green light to change crazy mind electric eyes icing on the cake purified by night run with wolves sleep wake another full glass it's time to see to taste can you hear? it's calling you... it is this that… Continue reading Tunnel

age of the poltroon, traitor, coward, poetry, steven humphreys
Spiritual and beyond

Age of the poltroon

If life is so real why does its experience rapidly turn into these once treasured but guarded memories? we live in the age of the poltroon how do we feel when life does nothing but hurt? we know life humbles but they (the poltroons) won't kneel... they aren't the person they think they are they… Continue reading Age of the poltroon

cold steely blue eyes, bully, poetry, steven humphreys
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Cold steely blue eyed

Went to my favorite 'Trader' store where I get my treats and more there was this huge steely cold blue eyed checker standing boldly behind his cash register he gave me such an evil stare not much cheer moved so arrogantly I was prepared to fight wasn't scared right then and there (I knew there… Continue reading Cold steely blue eyed

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Eleven fifty nine and counting

eleven fifty nine and counting tick tick tick grandfather clock goanna go bong! tension's mounting worried sick beat your chest like old king Kong does best nearing the end ring a ding dong! tired of stupid old movies staying up late same old melody same cheap wine (before I got married the 'fourth' time, I… Continue reading Eleven fifty nine and counting

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Fifteen minutes of fame

I'm goanna get my fifteen minutes of fame you caused it You made me you're to blame I'm a free man just like you a C  I  T  I  Z  E  N grazing like sheep eaten by wolves living by the sword dying by my own blade who am I? look around... I'm everywhere and… Continue reading Fifteen minutes of fame

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Hasty steps downtown

We take hasty steps downtown arriving sooner doing nothing once there each glimmer of dawn we nod like yesterday we wear fake smiles when we'd rather commit murder we slave our lives away working like faithful dogs licking our master's boots gratuitously when we break in pieces there is no repairing for our souls cry… Continue reading Hasty steps downtown