Listen to the rain

Listen to the rain, nature, fresh air, poetry, steven humphreys

Drops hit the rusty old

junky truck and the salty

old abandoned boat

Revel in the smell

of the air after

a fairly heavy rain

listen to the rain

the scent of rain

so clean

so fair

it is so rare

a find

my love for rain

is pure

as it is

study not

worry not

think not

what option is left?

rain is falling

watch it falling

smell the rain drops

we do all those things

the way living people do

we smell the rain

we don’t count its drops

we light the fire

we warm ourselves

by the hearth

we look out our windows

and love the rain

and the wind blowing

and when you watch the pond

watch those gold and red

fishes swim

they wrap themselves

around each other

dipping and diving







live your life right

inside the experience

of each moment

drink your wine

but listen


to the rain



your window






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