Cold steely blue eyed

cold steely blue eyes, bully, poetry, steven humphreys

Went to my favorite



where I get my treats



there was this huge

steely cold blue eyed


standing boldly

behind his




gave me such an evil


not much cheer

moved so arrogantly

I was prepared to fight

wasn’t scared

right then and


(I knew there was no way in

H  _  L  L

I could’ve won

that fist fight! He would’ve surely

beat my A _  S  S to a pulp!)


talked to me trite

I didn’t buckle at his glare

I figured

He was someone who had always been a bully

(probably, born one)

the vibes came off that way

(I always know my bullies when I see them…)

complete and fully

something ‘in him’

knew I had his number

(I had my ‘scanner for bully detection’ on!)

I knew he picked that up

with his ‘bully radar’

(bullies are very perceptive

about zooming in on and picking out their

wimpy fearful victims!)

I prepared myself

mentally and physically

for ‘whatever’ was to happen

I told him

‘I brought my own bags

and if that was the right thing

to do in this store’?

he replied

(I don’t remember exactly what he said

but this is close…)

‘however you want it, you tell me’

that had an underlying

arrogant and smart a _ sed remark to it


I looked him straight in those

cold steely blue eyes

and said

‘OK, use mine if you want…’

I sensed we were enemies

I couldn’t understand why

I was ready

I didn’t flinch

I slid the card

paid for my stuff

finished my sample coffee

looked around for a trash can


out of the ‘blue’

he asked



like a courteous


‘can I take that for you sir?’

it caught me off guard

I was floored

he actually talked respectfully

with different ‘vibes’

I gathered my senses

I replied

‘sure, thanks, I appreciate it’

A  N  D…

that was it

I faced a


blue eyed


without fear

(that devil I saw)

for the moment



and I left that market

a better man

than I was

before I entered

that even a bully

can teach me


can be

a spark

of goodess

(in the midst)

of something








Author: Steven James Humphreys

Me and my wife live with our wonderful pets. I hope you like my blog finding it informative, meaningful and entertaining. I write about varied subjects having written books for sale on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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