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Welcome to kitty land

What if when this life is over you could do it all over again? What if you could push the 'replay' button just like a video? what would you do differently the next time around? would you stand firm resting on your laurels as a statue doing what you thought was the right thing to… Continue reading Welcome to kitty land

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It's emotional isn't it? fair thee well against god's will who knows best? who made you? language is of man's making god gave emotions feeling rational understanding wordlessness emptiness intellect your guide be who you are never who you are not at being level symbols metaphors secret to life think for yourself body language state… Continue reading Emotional

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It's me again overbearing the large and grandiose I flow through thine trees this fellow being evolving in its own way in midst of crude involvement complexity forgetfulness installments who am I? I am he who brings abounding slow methodical change purest soul of souls pray to me in readiness for blank astonishment a becoming… Continue reading Me

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Everybody is dead

Everybody is dead my friends are all gone I outlasted you all... except for you you were the first one to go and I never got over you... where are you now? I used to confide in you! As I look around, I see nothing but strange people surrounding me who I do not know… Continue reading Everybody is dead

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Why can't life be happy like a loving pappy mommy brothers sisters make it snappy life is too short for all this unhappy crappy without sounding too sappy erase all the bad bring on the good be nice if everything was easier and better understood not so sad without all this trouble maybe I possibly… Continue reading Pappy

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Good old days please come back to me Oh god I want to do them over again all this pain all this suffering changed what I thought was me I am not so violent and hateful like before I have forgotten my old grudges I have been humbled so humbled I'm breaking through I'm breaking… Continue reading Veil

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Thine own hair so full so dark so flowing such a friend to birds the wind the waves waterfall and Lilly pond alike I listened wisely to the silent call 'go to the mountain top'! so I walked up the jagged trail to its apex and looked out upon the immense sprawling valley below and… Continue reading Hair

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the beginning in darkness nothing but blackness a deep dark lonely burgeoning consciousness emerged cloaked in black he cried out from the void of all voids the choice had been made between eternal nothingness and something probable it then went 'bang' time and space were created where none was before something made from nothing consciousness… Continue reading Black