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Spiritual and beyond

No one

you tell your wife to be careful as you slam the cupboard door on your knee. You quit what you did for a living because you hated it but can't get into another line of work because you don't know how to do anything else. it is what it is. no one is home. often,… Continue reading No one

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Spiritual and beyond

Half full

My glass is as full as it is empty. life isn't about you anymore. it never was. it is beyond you. it is not me. way beyond me. it is not anything to do with anyone anymore because we didn't make all of this. we were 'born into this'. no, the glass isn't half full… Continue reading Half full

this empty heart, poetry, god, steven humphreys, prayer
Love and loss

This empty heart

by what name do I call on you oh great one? it is you, the one who fills this empty place I call my heart? it is this empty spot where my soul used to live. it is where I used to have faith in my fellow man. but, he hath betrayed me once too… Continue reading This empty heart

Exit the highwayman, poetry, steven humphreys, weirdness
Spiritual and beyond

Exit the highwayman

Exit the highwayman part your drapes no more close your shutters as he walks by motel row clickity click the echo goes holding his ledger open scratching down notes a room number a door color in underline it's his bloody night beyond these lonely doors lies an open road belonging to he who wonders to… Continue reading Exit the highwayman

man in the moon, poetry, steven humphreys, weirdness
Spiritual and beyond

Man in the moon

You better look at the man in the moon let the breeze whisper his silence the man in the moon and the wind know me well. the moon bathes in its own pale moonlight the breeze blows flowing where it will like a stealthy spirit. and I am only what I am. we are here… Continue reading Man in the moon

black and white, photography, art, poetry, steven humphreys, vivian maier
My favorite poets and artists

Black and white

letters to Vivian Maier in pictures of those who are not there anymore. her soul of black and white contrasting between moments in time a still black suit. sky bird grass walking never in want of money. beyond a thirst for fame. somehow she got by. somehow she fed herself. eat live sleep art the… Continue reading Black and white

conjecture, poetry, confusion, steven humphreys
Spiritual and beyond


Things I have never had is trite conjecture wrapped up in a box of contrary lecture I am still me a world within to keep as yours you never hold onto until you let go full measure go on no one enters It is I your friend who never stayed as mentor a friend so… Continue reading Conjecture

I ape, poetry, steven humphreys
Humor, Spiritual and beyond

I ape

I ape I ape man I regressed I'm pulled down picking oranges off a tree pulling carrots from the ground like a chimp my intelligence is slipping dropping to a new low like a gimp I dream of bananas floating in a stream to where they go calories and cooked foods built this brain of… Continue reading I ape

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Spiritual and beyond


Look! something else I've got to do before I'm damned well through with all of this stuff called 'whatever'! [better word you should have used Steve is 'life.'] (Oh yes, I now even talk to myself... lately, I seem to have become two people. Yes, I converse with them both. Does that mean there are… Continue reading Look

we sleep, unknown, death, poetry, steven humphreys
Spiritual and beyond

We sleep

'focus upon what you can control and you can get a lot done' ~ Aristotle every night we sleep and wake up sleep and wake up we escape from this reality into another realm we do it again and again until someday we sleep forever and at the end of it we wake from our… Continue reading We sleep