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Humor, Spiritual and beyond

Bowl full of hot spicy chili and beans

Ah, but those small green urchins had a trick up their sleeves. they were full of trickery and blarney. they had served up to their unknowing 'rube' their finest award winning bowl full of hot spicy chili and beans. but, those leprechauns soon will learn the meaning of what happens when a prank goes wrong… Continue reading Bowl full of hot spicy chili and beans

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Life's ups and downs

What do you do?

What do you do when you don't know what to do? Day to day in god I pray. don't know what to say fed up and through in complete disarray and blue... from may to may life confusing abusing nothing entertaining overwhelming messed up brain. still can sing pick up the phone ring still can… Continue reading What do you do?

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Humor, Spiritual and beyond


He had a nose long like the beak of a stork and took a break on his path... 'the sound of passing gas is never not funny,' he mused. But, this gentleman was the one headed up the hill to take a long walk in the beautiful forest in the midst of high trees. He… Continue reading Passing

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Life's ups and downs

We assemble

We assemble here to gather and share our thoughts. And, what is it we wish to accomplish? we give. we take. we ponder. we hope to find something out. a mystery. something new. something old. something beautiful. and, if we do walk into this page to a bridge, we stroll to the other side feeling… Continue reading We assemble

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Spiritual and beyond


It's going to the core, be it at the snail's pace: it is our sacred subject. You know... that which entices us, catches our interest, makes us wonder and jars our most human of all senses. It is what keeps us going. Yet, if we don't have it yet, it is what we thirst for… Continue reading Core

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Spiritual and beyond


You know the only way out of a life of torment is A O N E W A Y T I C K E T to hell! smell the smoke from the burning bush. yet, nothing burns... the illusion is real with each step down those slippery stairs. once upon a time, time stood still.… Continue reading Torment

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Spiritual and beyond


Driving my rig driving driving thinking like a rock conniving conniving not thinking drinking sleeping weaving high fiving this earth I'm leaving dying telephone poles passing crying stars and sparks fuel line broke flames and smoke rising trees ablaze passing cars lead foot pedal molten metal one cryer's maze choking croak raw deal burning in… Continue reading Driving

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Turn on the TV news and get your daily dose of negativity. begin a lonely heartfelt walk in time through local subdivisions throughout this land full of abandoned houses from the many 2008 mortgage fraud schemes feeling the presence of broken roaming spirits still lingering behind capturing this evil sight and phantom cries of children… Continue reading TV

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Spiritual and beyond


I had no idea I'd outlive everyone and everything I've ever known. So... you outlive them all living with generations you don't know and can't relate to. Sooner or later you land on who you decide you want to be and don't seek to change your nature. you outlive everyone every trend every fashion every… Continue reading Outlive

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Spiritual and beyond

Old house

Went to my old house and reminisced. I sat in my car after fifty years gone. this young man came out his front door and got into the same old truck I used to drive long ago. how could this be? he looked at me. somehow, he knew who I was. I got out of… Continue reading Old house