Old house

old house, poetry, time traveller, steven humphreys

Went to my old house

and reminisced.

I sat in my car

after fifty years gone.

this young man came out

his front door

and got into the same old truck

I used to drive

long ago.

how could this be?

he looked at me.


he knew who I was.

I got out of my car and walked

over to him.

I was looking into the eyes of my past.

unbeknownst to him

he was looking


at his


he asked if he knew me.

I said he did.

he was sure he saw me

somewhere before,

maybe in another life.

Deja Vu…

I told him I was there to tell him he must change

the course of his


I pleaded with him to believe me.

I told him I was from the future

and said this was proof

you could go back

and talk to your younger self and

change your destiny.

I told him who I was

and to listen to me and do

what I suggested;

that in doing so

would change his life


all his years to come.

he seemed shocked and awed.


he saw my sincerity

and said

he believed me.

I thanked him.

I shook his hand.


what was he to

do with this knowledge?

it was a big burden for such


young man

who was just beginning to

live his life!


I knew

in my heart


he wouldn’t forget

my words and

would follow through.

I was older than his father.

his father was young enough to have been my own son.

And, this young man

my grandson.

I thanked god

for sending me back

to my younger self.


I woke up:

the most real dream

I ever had.


everything around me

had changed.

I was successful.

my personality changed.

my soul was not the same.

I knew I was rich.

I remembered I had always

dreamt of that and

believed I wanted this as my

ultimate goal in life.

I had somehow fallen into

a new reality:

one filled with every material possession

I thought I ever wanted.

I looked out my window.

my surroundings had changed

from the day before.

I was in a city I didn’t know.

I had never laid eyes upon all this.

I lived in a different house.

there was etched glass, marble and golden lanterns and chairs.

there were water fountains.

there was the finest of furniture.

a huge Olympic sized pool.


the finest wine selection

and gourmet food.

a butler.

a maid.


a personal chef.




me and my own

had achieved notoriety

and celebrity status.

In my gut…

I knew something terrible had happened.

I had strangers for children and wife.

Everything I cherished

no longer existed.

I recognized nothing.

all was new.

I had a deep sinking feeling.

I felt empty.

my old life had disappeared.

it slipped away.

only the memory of it remained.

my tears flowed at the loss.


I thought way back.

I remembered this old man

who came to me as I sat in my old

blue truck long

long ago,


he told me about

my future.

and, I did exactly all those

things he told me

to do

throughout my

life up until


then, suddenly, a second time…

I woke up again.

I prayed

like never before

that my old life

would return to me.

it was a nightmare.


as I looked around,

I saw that things

were back again

as before

like I remembered them to be.

I knew I had gained the entire world:

Those I care about,

All my loved ones.

my dogs,

my cats,

my dearest


returned to me.

I finally knew

what was

important in life.

it is for them I live for.

it is for these others.

those who are dear…


I shall not

be alive










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