vines, alone, death, struggle, living
Spiritual and beyond


I felt your smile like an apple with a worm popping its head out. I smelled your gaze as the morning waves crashed on the shore rocks. I heard your mind sing out loud and it tasted like cheap wine as your vines crawled up my spine. yet, you were not here in body. My… Continue reading Vines

finding me, lost, lonely, purpose, mission
Love and loss

Finding you

I can't stand to see a bug stepped on. you would agree that bugs don't have it all that good. if god wanted me to know the answers in life, he would have already told me. I cry for those who are lost, because it used to matter to me when I was lost thinking… Continue reading Finding you

The cat and the creepy doll, scary, poetry, steven humphreys
Spiritual and beyond

The cat and the ‘creepy’ doll

He thought he surely saw that creepy doll turn its head and look at him sideways. there were shadows in the hallway. sounds of the pitter patter of tiny feet. of course, missing was his straight razor he shaved with from the bathroom drawer. the voice in his head said 'turn the car around'! but,… Continue reading The cat and the ‘creepy’ doll

the drop outs, weirdos, hippies, free spirited, poetry, steven humphreys
Spiritual and beyond

The drop outs

they are not the lunatic fringe. they are the drop-outs living frugally who never binge. their heads are on straight, they knew their paths early in life walking a self-determined gait. they knew what they wanted bailing out of this 'soul killing' 9 to 5 rat race before they got stuck in it and it… Continue reading The drop outs

drink, alcohol, beer, wine, poetry, steven humphreys
Humor, Life's ups and downs


Drink, I say! Do it now before you cannot! people don't change. it is we who must. i was so happy drunk every night. my liver took it away! damned liver! life, with it's ugly head just had to barge right in and spoil my drunkenness! damned life! my troubles washed away. now I cannot… Continue reading Drink!

opt for the free life, freedom, open road, poetry, steven humphreys
Life's ups and downs

Opt for the free life

Opt for the free life! go to where no known man goes. sit by the campfire. play a flute and strum a guitar. smoke that grandiose stogie watching the smoke plume. share a bottle of wine with no man and make a toast to god's glory. the wind will blow glowing embers in the spirit… Continue reading Opt for the free life

big dog pretty kitty, love, pet, poetry, steven humphreys

Big dog, pretty kitty

Big dog. little dog. Ugly dog. pretty kitty. what they have named you matters not to me, anymore. I seek no champion. what matters now is how you look at me when you place your eyes upon me when I awake each morning. I know how you feel about me. Ah, yes! I finally know… Continue reading Big dog, pretty kitty

fallen angel, poetry, steven humphreys
Spiritual and beyond

Fallen angel

Fallen angel, carry my limp defeated body. you understand unlike any man. I've tried to hide from this world, but the world kept touching me. that ghostly darkness; that which hovers over those windy waving trees under twinkling diamond stars: they are not alone like me...    

found, poetry, steven humphreys
Life's ups and downs


What if you 'F O U N D' your whole life was a lie, and everything you thought were true was not? it has H A P P E N E D. they taught us all our lives. Lies are now truth. blue is green. and, green is blue. and, yes, right is now wrong.… Continue reading Found

who I am, poetry, steven humphreys
Spiritual and beyond

Who I am

It doesn't matter who I am. there is an ageless message. it comes from the 'source'. I am no man. I am information. I am what this universe is made of. And, no one will ever know how that substance was made, but me. I am the unseen. I am not you, but you will… Continue reading Who I am