I felt your smile like an apple

with a worm

popping its head out.

I smelled your gaze as the

morning waves crashed

on the shore rocks.

I heard your mind sing out loud

and it tasted like Continue reading Vines


Finding you

I can’t stand to see

a bug stepped on.

you would agree


bugs don’t

have it

all that good.

if god

wanted me to

know the answers in


he Continue reading Finding you

The drop outs

they are not

the lunatic fringe.

they are the drop-outs

living frugally who never


their heads are on straight,

they knew their paths

early in life

walking a self-determined gait.

they knew what they wanted

bailing out of this ‘soul killing’ 9 to 5 Continue reading The drop outs


Drink, I say!

Do it now

before you


people don’t change.

it is we who must.

i was so happy

drunk every night.

my liver took it away!

damned liver!

life, with it’s ugly head

just had to barge right in

and spoil my drunkenness!

damned life!

my troubles washed Continue reading Drink!