mystery, poetry, steven humphreys

The mystery seeps in:

that ‘thing’.

friends you meet

who never met you.

those you know well

who never met you.

it is this

and only



comes to




have been there.

it begins,

once you know the truth:

that material things are


you realize love is all there is

when it becomes that which

you aspire to be.

give up beauty and set yourself

free from its earthly shackles.

little bit of this and a little

bit of that

accumulates way up there

in a tree house.

so, go up there…

get the bird’s eye view.

it is you now

who is the nomad

in life.

we get old and outdated.

but, we still can love.

no one can take our feelings away or

change how we think.

they can harm us or kill our bodies

but never take from us

that ‘thing’

that has no


for that

which defines

what we are.

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